Keno Terms and Definitions

Keno Terms and Definitions

Keno could appear to be a common dice game   สล็อตเครดิตฟรี ไม่ต้องฝาก ไม่ต้องแชร์ ยืนยันเบอร์โทรศัพท์ 2021   yet trust us – it’s everything except. This incredible game is very well known in web-based club all over the planet.

Nonetheless, before you begin playing the game, it is valuable to learn fundamental keno terms and shoptalk. What’s more, that is definitively what Casinos Online has here for you. Underneath you will find all helpful web-based keno terms and definitions that could prove to be useful during your recess.

Total Limit

This is a breaking point that all gaming destinations set for keno adjusts. Commonly, you could experience a total cutoff for the triumphant sum or the quantity of winning players. Assuming it is a breaking point for winning sum, the gambling club has set a cap for the maximum payout that victors get. Then again, the triumphant players limit alludes to a maximum number of players that will get an award once the round closes.

Win big or bust

This is a one of a kind type of wagering in keno. Players bet on the whole ticket, so all digits should be attracted to get an award. If by some stroke of good luck one is missing, there will be no payout.

Ball Game

Any keno variation with 80 balls.


The game spins around eighty balls that the vendors draw.


The bank contains all money that the gambling club has in the game.


This alludes to the money that every punter has in the game.


An unmistakable card that player is yet to satisfy.


A blower is a machine that is answerable for the number draw. The main part is the attractions which pushes the numbers through the cylinder. In live vendor keno variations, the host takes the ball from the cylinder and declares to the crowd the outcome (the triumphant number).


Bowl, or air pocket, is the huge glass drum where the balls are before attractions.

Purchase in

A keno rivalry where all members should pay to participate in the challenge. Generally speaking, they pay the section expense and afterward play determined game rounds.


Before the draw, all balls are in the enclosure. The enclosure is a standard piece of the entire machine in exemplary keno.


The declaration of the triumphant numbers.


The individual who reports the triumphant numbers is the guest.


Assuming the host draws a number that you featured, that is a trick.

Get All

This is a select sort of keno where players must ‘get’ all digits on the tickets.

Get Zero

Get Zero is a converse Catch All. In this variation, the objective is to try not to hit any number on the ticket.


The last minutes before the beginning of the round during which the hosts acknowledge no new wagers.

Blend Ticket

A ticket that incorporates various wagers.

PC Ticket

A ticket whose number choice was produced by a machine. The PC utilizes a complex calculation to make an irregular arrangement.


Casually talking, all club offer remarkable T&C for keno. Hence, players call this T&C molding in different gambling clubs.


Assuming a player marks two adjoining numbers, it’s a deuce.


The method involved with extricating balls from the bowl during which they are declared as winning numbers. To lay it out plainly, it is a solitary keno round.

Draw Sheet

Game details for past rounds on the whole show up on a draw sheet. In web-based keno, all information is on the computerized show.

Edge Ticket

Should a player feature numbers near the finish of the ticket, he is making an edge ticket.

Improved Payoff

Assuming punters utilize a solitary card for numerous rounds, they can get an improved payout for that card. That card pays more than customary, separate cards in the game rounds.

Passage Fee

An expense that punters pay for interest in a web-based keno competition.


Exacta is a ticket with a restrictive payout rate.


The field addresses the plain digits on a card.


The electronic board that shows attracted balls a round in video keno.

Free Play

A demo adaptation of keno where you play with fictitious money for sporting designs is free play.


A heap of numbers that players minded the card are a gathering.


A piece of the keno machine that gets a ball through the cylinder.


The aggregate sum of money that players bet in a particular round addresses the handle.

Top of the line Ticket

These cards acquire more money with additional gets a solitary round.

Hot shot Ticket

A card that has a high least wagered prerequisite is a hot shot card. Hot shot players commonly utilize this sort of cards.


Drawn balls that match numbers on a players’ cards are hits.


Hold is the leftover money that the scene keeps after it pays out all rewards in a keno round.


An elective name for the gambling club.

Inside Ticket

A standard ticket that a player featured and submitted to the administrator.

Big stake

The super award that players go after in keno.


Assuming a player chooses to feature just a single digit for a round, that digit bears the name King.

Lord Ticket

Lord ticket is a card containing just a single checked digit, for example the King.

Left-Right Ticket

Like top base (see underneath), this is a unique ticket with an upward line that parts the card into left and right sides. You should attempt to hit as many numbers as an afterthought that you bet on.

Live Keno

Other than on the web (video) keno, you can likewise play this game progressively. Assuming you visit live casinosand enter a keno variation, you will play live keno variation. This assortment incorporates live sellers and gambling club staff that controls the game.


Stamping is the demonstration of picking numbers on your keno ticket.

Multi-Game Ticket

A ticket that can be utilized for a few game rounds is a multi-game card.


Certain keno variations offer Multipliers. The Multiplier include duplicates the expense of the keno ticket, however it allows the players an opportunity to support payout up to 10x. The additional Multiplier helps the card assuming a Multiplying number is drawn.


Net Win

The net success is the aggregate sum that you can get from the game after you deduct the bet for the round.


Chances in gambling club games address the capability of the game, or even better, the triumphant possibilities.


Open implies that the keno counter is as yet tolerating bets.

Outside Ticket

After a player presents his inside ticket, the gambling club will give him an external card as a substitution.


Not uncommon to find punters pick numbers in view of some notion. As a rule, they follow an example for choosing spots.

Pay Any Catch Ticket

This ticket pays out the proper sum no matter what the quantity of hit digits.

Pay Table

The compensation table is the legend where clients can see max payouts for every result and bet.

Play 1

This choice empowers the player an opportunity to take part in one round with his picked numbers.

Play 5

Assuming that a punter chooses to reuse his picked numbers, he can do as such by settling on ‘Play 5’. With this element, the following five rounds will utilize indistinguishable spots.

Moderate Jackpot

Very much like in some other internet based gambling club game, keno includes a developing award pot which expands with each bet.

Finish off

In old fashioned keno, it is normal to track down sheets with details from past rounds. All the more explicitly, these papers show winning numbers finished off for better route. In present day web-based gambling clubs, 3D stacking screens supplanted this practice.


Assuming the rewards match the bet, the outcome is a push. The player gets back the specific sum that he/she put down on a bet.

Speedy Pick

This restrictive choice chooses the numbers rather than the players. It is like the Autoplay choice in video spaces.

Stop Race

Assuming a punter chooses to pull out from the game by trading out the ticket, he stops the race.


The race is a conversational term for one keno round.


The monetary worth of each ticket is the rate.

Rate Card

An equivalent word for pay table.


Arbitrary Number Generator (RNG) is, as the name recommends, an irregular programming that suppliers and gambling clubs use to ensure security. The central matter is that the product involves a mind boggling calculation what picks numbers in an unusual arrangement. Hence, foreseeing future outcomes is incomprehensible. Each draw is extraordinary. Video keno, as most internet based club games, utilizes RNG to draw the numbers.

Standard Ticket

A standard or straight ticket is the underpinning of keno. A basic ticket for interactivity.


Gambling club staff individuals whose occupation is to gather rewards and appropriate them among the players are sprinters.


Assuming a player botches his opportunity to trade out his ticket by detailing it to the setting, the administrator calls that a sleeper ticket.

Diverse assortment

Whenever punters make a few number packs to bet on, and on a solitary ticket. The term depicts that the card is ‘parted’ into gatherings of numbers.


A digit that you chose on the ticket is a spot. Commonly, players separate cards by counting the quantity of spots on a card. Thus, for instance, in the event that you have illustrated five spots, it’s a 5-spot ticket, and so forth.


Stud is the keno variation with moderate, for example developing awards.

Straight Ticket

This is equivalent to the customary ticket.


Tickets are the groundwork of ongoing interaction in keno. Players utilize these cards that contain eighty numbers to feature their picked numbers. As the round advances, players see which digits hit, and which don’t.

Top Bottom Ticket

Tickets come in different shapes and sizes. In any case, the one that has a smooth line right across the center is the top base card. The line separates the upper and lower portions of the card. Assuming that you are utilizing this card, your goal is to strike digits on a predefined side.


Keno competitions are exceptional occasions with serious purposes where punters play against one another and the gaming site.

Video Keno

This game rendition empowers the players to

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